It all started with my dad.  When I was a young lad I remember walking up to one of the peaks on Coyote Hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay.  My dad would fly his yellow Malibu glider for hours.  So from a young age I was very intrigued by planes.  I think he crashed the plane pretty bad once when I was young and the plane remained in pieces in the garage for the next 8 years or more.  Around my freshmen year of high school I think I started pestering him about it and he repaired it.  We went out flying and he taught me how to fly.  Shortly after that I bought my 1st glider, the Gentle Lady by Carl Goldberg.  A year or so later I got my drivers license and would go flying at Coyote Hills just about every day of the week.  Needless to say I surpassed my father with my flying skills. We would regularly go Saturday mornings and fly for a few hours and then a few hours after church on Sunday afternoons. 

I flew the Gentle Lady for a few years and then started making additional wings for it.  I made one fairly flat with a 6' wing span. I added ailerons to it and made it so that I could add the outer wing panels on as well.  The total wing span was around 9'. I forget which glider was next.  I think it was the Sagitta 600 which took me a few years as I was going to high school and working about 3 hours everyday after school. This was my pride and joy as I built it with internal controls for the ailerons and fiber-glassed the fuselage. The next plane was the Talon by Bob Martin. The plane after that was the Silhouette which never has been finished.

One of the first flights of my Airtronics Sagitta 600.  Options fabricated into the build of the plane consist of the following: straight wings with ailerons using Ace swingeeze controls which eliminate any external control horns, and a fiber glassed fuselage. The lift to drag ratio is exceptional on this plane. Give it a little down elevator and it picks up speed quite nicely.  My dad always liked the big graceful loops which could be done with this plane.  He also referred to this plane as the "Hanger Queen" since I hung it in my room and only flew it when the conditions were perfect.  The plane has never had to have anything spliced or reglued. Since the skins are now about 10 years old I think it might be time for a new covering.  This is truly a great hobby and I loved spending time flying with my dad.  We flew at Coyote Hills in Fremont almost every Saturday afternoon and many Sunday afternoons after church for many years.

Sagitta 600 in flight