My first tank was a 10-gallon tank, which I had when I was about 13.  I had this tank for a number of years.  I would go through seasons where I  would buy fish and take really good care of the tank.  Then I would go through periods were I would feed them and that was about it. The tank would deteriorate and then I would clean it up get more fish take really good care of it for a while longer and then repeat the cycle.  After graduating high school, during my college years, I decided I wanted a larger tank.  I just couldn’t do much with the 10 gallon tank.  So I bought a 30 gallon All-glass aquarium and a nice oak stand.  I kept an assorted Tropical freshwater community tank for about 5 years.  The tank and fish did great.  I was much more consistent with the tank.  At this point the addiction had started and I wanted an even  larger tank.  I think I had decided I wanted to keep African Cichlids so a family  member hooked me up with a custom made 65 gallon plexi-glass tank.  I made a functional  stand (not appealing to the eyes) for the tank and proceeded to stock it with Labeotropheous Fullerborni and Trewavasse along with other Mbuna.  The fullerborni had fry regularly and I would raise them and take them to the local fish stores were they would give me store credit.  It was always fun to watch the fry swim around the tank darting out to get food.  At one point I had a 65, 30, 20, and a 10 gallon tank in my small room.  Usually when people would walk in my room they would ask how I could sleep with all the noise.
Ever since I was young I always dreamed of having a saltwater tank.  Well a friend I worked with had a 120 gallon tank and we would talk.  Well I got fired up and decided I was going to convert my 30 gallon tank to a  fish only saltwater tank.  At some point I decided that I would slowly convert it to a mini-reef.  Well I think it might have been a fish-only tank for a week or two at the most.  Does that count as slowly?  So ever since then  it has been a fun / frustrating/ learning experience that I would do over again!



Scott's Reef