- 30 gallon All-glass Aquarium
- 10 gallon sump
- Aqua-Medic Turboflotor 1000 skimmer powered by a OceanRunner2700 pump and fed by a Rio 800
- Rio 2100 pump for my main return
- Circulation is provided by 2 Maxijet pumps
- Lighting is in a DIY hood with 1-96 watt smartlamp (50% daylight and 50% actinic) which was upgraded from 2  30 watt NO flourescent (1- 50/50 and 1 actinic).  


-UPS backup  battery provides power to the skimmer pumps and return pumps. I got tired of having to break down the pumps and clean them if the power went out.  They would not come back on because of calcium build up. So  now I clean them at a time which is most convenient for me. During the month that I have had it, it has come on once for 2 hours during a brown out and once when we lost power for less than a minute.  I should have bought this years ago!



Scott's Reef