1993 Civic DX


  -Neuspeed upper strut tie bar
  -Eibach Pro-kit springs

  -Iceman cold air intake
  -K&N air filter

  -Motul 500 synthetic brake fluid
  -Racing brake pads


Various Links

Honda Civic

1st Generation RX-7

Local Racetracks
-Sears Point Raceway
-Laguna Seca Raceway
-Speed-Ring Indoor Kart Racing
-Lemans Karting



These are pictures taken from my second time auto-crossing in the RX-7.  This car can get pretty tail happy auto crossing!

1983 RX-7 GLS





November 1997 was the start of my addiction for driving at high speeds at local racetracks.  I worked with a friend who regularly took his 3rd generation twin turbo charged RX-7 to the local tracks.  Well he convinced me to take my Civic to the track.  At first I was a little reluctant but then excitement took over and I spent the next few months preparing my Civic for the track.  Some of the preparation involved handling, braking, and horsepower.  For improved handling I installed a Neuspeed upper tie bar and Eibach Pro-kit springs.  I upgraded to Motul 500 synthetic racing brake fluid and racing brake pads to improve the braking.  I also added an Ice-man air intake with a K&N air filter to help the car breathe a little easier.  I also changed over to Red-line synthetic oil.   My first event was at Laguna Seca Raceway in the hills of Monterey Ca.  I picked the number 77 because Rarebear, a W.W.II Bearcat turned Gold Unlimited race plane, has the numbers 77 and Rarebear was my dad's favorite plane for as long as I can remember...