It appears as though the computer running the webcam crashed hard.
Initially I thought the video card died. But replacing it with another card I 
had around did not revive it. So I swapped power supplies and that did
nothing. So I believe the motherboard or CPU bit the dust.

I plan on getting the webcam up and going again although it might be a while longer.
I have been busy building  my home made personal video recorder (PVR). So 
much of my play money has gone there.  Check back from time to time as I 
will get this going again. If you are interested in building your own PVR check out
this site I am running this software and love it!

Hopefully you get a chance to see our cute little one from time to time. 
If you see a cute image please save it and submit it to one of us.
Maybe I will start a page with photos you submit to us and post next to the image
who submitted it. 

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Images captured on an older PII 333mhz system with an Iomega Buz Video capture card and Chillcam software
Web page changed today so that it refreshes automatically every 60 seconds w/o having to refresh it yourself.