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01/08/06 Well as you can tell, life has been busy! It is hard to believe that it has been over 6 months since the last update.  Surprise, we are pregnant and due on 03/02/05. Most of you already knew that.  Emily News: Emily enjoyed her 2nd Christmas. She received her 1st baby doll and is really into it. She loves taking her new baby around along with her kitty. She will feed them bottles, cradle them and do other motherly things. She also likes strolling them around in her own doll stroller. She is starting to put two words together. She is starting to use her potty seat and is quite proud of her accomplishments. She like ice-cream and juice which we give her sparingly. Well used words: apple, happy, NO, moon, kitty, woof, book. She is currently learning to jump. It is pretty cute to watch as she does not quite have the hang of it. She is constantly wanting you to draw Elmo. She will point to the TV and say "Elmo". So we then turn on the recorded Sesame Street for her to watch. We are looking forward to her 2nd birthday in a month. Emily is about 28.5 lbs, ~34.5" Emily also love to take showers with Mom or Dad. She carries her purse around and "talks" on her cell phone. She loves playing with her friends Tessa and Brandon. She also loves to run around the house naked.
06/12/05 Well as you can tell, life has been busy! It is hard to believe that it has been over 4 months since the last update. 
We will start with some of the more immediate news:
We went to the Steinhart Aquarium yesterday in S.F. Emily appeared to have a great time. She loves running around when we are out in public. She  seemed to like the fish as she would wave to them as they would go by.  We had to kill some time so we decided to go to a movie. So Madagascar was Emily's first movie. She was awake for the previews and quickly fell asleep. She was asleep for close to an hour and then woke up and watched the ending. All in all it was a great day and Emily seemed to really enjoy herself.
Other news... Emily will scrunch her mouth up in the shape of a small "O" and say "ooooo."  She will also say Uh-oh when she drops something.  I heard Emily say "cheese" today. SO things are progressing quite rapidly. Parent hood is great! I'll work on putting up more frequent updates!
02/10/05 So what is new with Emily. Well she started walking a little more last week. Last Thursday evening Emily would take sets of 7 steps or so within a few minutes. She was definitely walking. It was fun to watch her because there appeared to be this expression on her face of amazement, like wow... I'm walking.  Because of the frequency of her trying to walk on Thursday I was thinking she would be walking in the next day or so. Well it is a week later and it hasn't taken off like I thought the walking would. I did count 22 steps at one point tonight. So that was exciting. I still think she will be walking regularly fairly soon. 
Other than that she has been breaking away from the baby food. Her food of preference is anything mom and dad are eating. She gets rather upset if she can't have what you are having. So all in all that is pretty good.  Her one year birthday is coming up soon so we are looking forward to being able to turn her car seat around to the forward facing position.  Yipeee
Oh ya... I forgot about the new funny face she makes. I will try to get a photo of it and put it on the web. She basically scrunches up her nose / squints her eyes and opens her mouth real wide and makes a funny laughing sound. We are not quite sure where she learned this... Chris loves it and encourages it while Dad is trying to figure out who she learned it from and keep her from hanging out with them!
01/17/05 Wow... well you can tell we definitely are much busier than before since it has been almost 2 months since the last update. So many new things to report. Where do we begin? Well she took 3 deliberate steps yesterday. So that is a first. She took 2 today. I'm sure any day now she will be walking. We will enjoy this last bit of her not walking while we can. She has had a fever yesterday and today. Just topped out at 103.7 and then came down to 101.4  Doesn't take much to shake up the parents. We will be glad when this is behind us. 

Weight: 21 lbs. 13 oz.

11/21/04 Sheesh... we wait a month and quite a bit has gone on since the last update. Emily cut her 1st tooth on the November 10th.  By the 14th she was pulling herself up to standing.  Emily is feeding herself finger foods. So far she enjoys cheerios, banana puffs, and cooked peas.   This weekend Emily played in a baby swing for the 1st time and also had her picture with Santa.  On the 4th of November she started waving bye bye.  All in all she is pretty happy and loves smiling and caring on with strangers at the grocery store and mall.  If the strangers don't pay attention to her she will start making noise to help gain their attention. She had her 1st Halloween dressed as a Lady Bug. Her new favorite toys would be the dishwasher and the refrigerator.  
10/24/04 Well it is now official. Emily started crawling last Sunday, 10/1704. Things haven't been the same around here since then. No electrical cord, cell phone, remote control, laptop, waste basket, etc. is safe. Mommy and daddy must be on the lookout continuously.  However, she is much more content now.  She has also started squealing. Still no teeth. We decided to lower her crib after seeing her kneeling and pulling herself up some on the side of the crib.
As of 10/20/04
Weight:  18 lbs. 6 oz. 
09/29/04 Sorry it has been so long since the last update! Much has changed since the last time I have written. Since then we have gone camping and we think Emily had a blast. She enjoyed having family around the entire time. She now rolls over both directions and sits without support.  It appears as though she will be crawling any day now. She seems to have all of the individual components to crawling although has not combined them yet.  She has started babbling more consistently. She is eating solids 3 times a day now.  Creme spinach was a big hit today.  We finally ditched the infant carrier / car seat and installed a car seat in the car.  She has a bucket of blocks and likes to spill them out on the floor and play with them.  She is becoming more and more interactive and fun.  Still no teeth.
As of 09/17/04
Weight: 17 lbs. 10 oz
Length: 28"
7/22/04 Emily has rolled over 2 more times since the last update. She laughs out loud when mom tickles her belly.  We bought a door way jumper for her and she seems to enjoy it. We definitely enjoy watching her in it. It might be more entertaining for us since she is so cute!  Emily tried sweet potatoes for the 1st time. Hard to say if she liked it or not although she got it every where.  
Her new weight is 15 lbs 7 oz.
Length approximately 27"
07/13/04 I was going to mention something she did today but can't quite remember what it was....hmmm Maybe it will come back to me shortly.
07/11/04 Emily rolled over from her back to her stomach for her 1st time. It was great because both Chris and I were able to witness this event together. I have a picture of her after rolling over which can be found on the Emily's Photos link above. She was weighed recently and her new weight is 15 lbs and 2 ounces. So she continues to put on the weight. Parenthood just gets better and better. 
06/22/04 Well Emily had rice cereal in her mouth tonight. Can't say she ate any of it. But it was in her mouth and then on her bib... So that is fun and exciting. She is smiling so much more and becoming much more aware of things going on around her. She is definitely becoming much more fun to play with. She seems to enjoy it when dad lifts her as far above his head as he is able. It always seems to get a smile out of her. Dad is just trying to dodge any projectile burps. She had her 4 month check up today and all went well.
05/25/04 New developments... Emily started grasping and holding a few of her toys. This is totally new and fun to watch. Amazing how one day she is not able to hold any thing and then one day she is fully grasping an object of hers. So fun to watch!  Other than that she now weighs in at 13 lbs and 6 oz. So she continues to gain weight on the low side of spec.  One day she eats ok and the next day she is pretty stubborn and eats much less.  All in all she is sleeping pretty well. The nights she eats more she sleeps better. We have had a few nights where she pretty much slept from 9 or 10 until 6 or 7 in the morning.  Can't beat that. Cheryl and I took a portrait photography class the last few weekends so I'll see if I can work what I learned into the new photo's I post on-line.
05/02/04 New developments... She slept all night last night w/o waking up and nursing. We were pleasantly surprised. She is starting to make raspberry noises from time to time with her mouth. Chris started working part time last week. So far that seems to be going well. I believe Chris is going to take her in tomorrow to weigh her. I have a feeling she will have gained quite a bit from last time. Her mouth  has found both of her hands.  It is quite fun seeing all of the new developments.

Well the zantac seemed to work for the 1st week really well. Now she is back to being fussy about eating. Sometimes she refuses to nurse and will only take the bottle. Other times she will even refuse the bottle. She is pretty good at spitting the nipple of the bottle out. However after 20 - 30 minutes when she feels like eating she will gladly eat more. I think she is becoming more stubborn about her feeding. However she still seems to be eating more than she was before the medication. 

4/24/04 Happy Birthday to Cheryl today!!!!

Once again it has been a while since we have had any updates. We went in for her two month check up and shots on the 21st. She now weighs 12 lbs and 2 oz. She has grown to 24.5 inches. Her height puts her in the 90th percentile. She is between 60 and 70 for weight and head size.  So she continues to grow.   She has been somewhat fussy all along however in the last few weeks it has become progressively worse and to the point where she was not wanting to nurse for the last week or so. Then it progressed to refusing to bottle feed. As we read more and more on-line about infant reflux it became pretty clear that she had some form of reflux. So we spoke to her pediatrician and she gave Emily a prescription for Zantac. Within a day and a half or so she was eating more and seemed to be much less fussy. So it looks like she really was experiencing some form of reflux. So now that she is eating more we are pretty sure she will start gaining more weight as well.  

04/06/04 No updates in a while. Sorry about that. Well Emily was weighed in today at 11 1bs. 14 oz. So she continues to gain weight! She now definitely smiles when daddy gets home. It always brings joy to me when she smiles when I get home! She is also smiling for others as well. She starts to get a little fussy in the evenings. We think she isn't sleeping enough during the day. So hopefully we can help her learn how to get to sleep on her own or some other fix. Most of her new photos can be found here.
3/19/04 Baby Emily is now up to 10 lbs. 13 oz.. She is continuing to gain weight
3/16/04 Well a few days ago we thought Emily was smiling but figured it was gas. Today she was smiling some more and we are pretty convinced that she is starting to smile.  She had her first bath a few days ago and another one today. She didn't seem to mind the one today and didn't cry or fuss. She is becoming much more attentive to the things around her. She will track the mobile above her swing as they go around. She is so much fun! 
03/11/04 Emily is now up to 10 lbs. 3 oz after a feeding. Our little girl is growing up :)  I started working full time. So Chris is doing the full-time mother thing now. She seems to be getting into a swing of things. Other than that I don't know if there is much to report. 
03/04/04 Emily's 2 week Dr. appointment was today. Everything checked out fine and she was given a good bill of health. We found out that the little red marks on her eyes and underneath her nose are called Angel Kisses or Macular Stains. I think the Angel Kisses is a cuter terminology. 

Today's Specs.
Weight: 9 lbs. 4 oz.  (up 2 oz from birth)
Height:  22 1/4"        (up 3/4" from birth)

Sleeping is hit and miss during the night for her. Some nights go pretty well with feedings every 3-4 hours and then there are night like last night were she just doesn't want to sleep unless we are holding her.

Today as our new family was eating at Steven's Philly Cheesesteaks in Sunnyvale, Chris saw Air Force One  land at Moffett Field. So we thought it would be fun to see how close we could get to it. So we ended up getting within a half mile of it and saw it pretty good. The police had the frontage road blocked off so we drove on the freeway and got off to get a little closer. So Emily has seen Air Force One for the first time :) 

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