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Emily means: ambitious, flatterer, industrious.  Nicole means: the people's victory.

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We went to the park today and took Emily out of her stroller.  As best we could tell she seemed to enjoy it. We definitely enjoyed it
Emily sporting the new look with out her umbilical cord. Emily hanging out on her mat enjoying some tummy time and play time.  Emily showing off her new belly button with out the umbilical cord.
Her first outing to the local community center. Emily's 1st outing in her stroller.  Aren't these the cutest feet ever? (Seriously!)
Dad getting Emily ready for bed. Bonding time Bonding time part 2. Isn't she so cute all curled up in a ball? 
Emily's first sponge bath. She has that clean baby smell now!  Emily conked out on mom's shoulder after a meal. Aww... She has just arrived home in her 1st set of clothes other than the hospital t-shirt. Isn't she adorable?
Mom and Emily recovering from birth. Emily and Scott sleeping on the couch. This dad thing is great! Happy grandparents and Aunt & Uncle. Little Emily is being checked over while they patiently wait outside.
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Last updated on 07/24/2004


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