Updates for the expected arrival of Emily Nicole Shafer

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Latest Updates:

02/25/04 Emily's Page has been started to place her photos. You can find them here. I will try to post new photos regularly. Check back from time to time. 

Hi Friends and Family,
Here is the news you have been waiting for… 

Emily Nicole Shafer was born on February 18 at 1:51 PM.  

She weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz.  and measures 21 ˝”. 

Baby and Mom are both doing well. 
Here is a quick photo.

More photos to follow in upcoming days. 

02/14/03 Happy Valentines Day to all. Well not much has changed since the last update. We had an appointment last Monday without  much change. We went in for a stress test for the baby on Wednesday since she was past do at that point. She appeared to be fine so they decided to continue waiting. We do have an appointment to induce Tuesday 2/17 if she has not decided to leave her nice little warm womb. So we will be parents no later than 2/18 depending on how long the inducing takes. 

(A little bit of trivia for you. While we were doing the stress test where they monitor the heartbeat of the baby and Chris pushes a button every time she feels movement, I calculated the # of heartbeats for our little girl over her lifetime. She is up near 45 million heartbeats. Amazing! Her lower heartbeat while resting was near 140 BPM and as high as 200 BPM when she was really active.) 

Thanks for all of the calls checking up on us. We appreciate them and don't mind.

02/07/04 Baby Web Cam ready to go.... Should be up once the baby is born. Until then here is the Crib ready and waiting!
Moved to the top. Cam will be operational sporadically depending on a number of things.


02/03/04 Saw the Dr. yesterday and was told that we are between 1 & 2 cm dilated.  Nothing else to  specific other than it looks as though we should be close to the actual due date or a couple days late.  Chris is feeling fine. No complaints. The soon to be grandmothers and aunt have been eager for the new little one for past 2 weeks.  Here are some photos from tonight. 


01/23/04 As of last week the Doctor informed us that Chris is 1 cm dilated and she is progressing nicely for our first child. So we should be right on schedule if not a little early. Only God really knows.  Any pools started out there yet? If so let me in on it :)  We picked up our stroller and car seat this Wednesday night. So now officially if we have our little girl we can now take her home. A few more things have been added to the nursery.  (click photo to enlarge)

01/03/04 This coming week is Chris's last week of work before going out on maternity leave. Hard to believe that we are that close to our due date. Time has been flying by. We finished our child birth preparation class the week before Christmas. Our last appointment on Wednesday the Dr. said all is well. The baby is head down and all measurements are average. We should get a weight / size estimate on the next visit in less than two weeks. Here is a picture of us in the nursery from today (click photo to enlarge).

12/17/03 Finally posting the pictures from the 3DBaby Vu appointment. Sad to say they didn't turn out as well as we were hoping. The placenta was in the way along with umbilical cord across her face. She also was asleep and had both feet in front of her face. So this is the best the technician could do.  28 week 3D ultrasound pictures The nursery is getting closer to completion. We received all of the furniture we had ordered from North Carolina. Here are some photos of  Cheryl and Eric helping on the nursery and some of the new furniture
11/21/03 Baby Shafer really loves (or hates) Grapefruit. Chris says she tries to back out of her belly button after eating a grapefruit.
11/13/03 We just got back from our 1st child birth class. We have an appointment at 3DBabyVu in Pleasanton  on the 22nd. Pictures and video to follow. All in all things are progressing quite well.
11/08/03 Cheryl and Eric came over to help paint the nursery. We finished painting the ceiling white and the walls yellow. We also were able to put up some new baseboard. All in all we are extremely happy with how the room looks. Now we will have to up date the rest of the house. We should have some pictures from the nursery up shortly.  
10/03 We finally started feeling the movements from the little Shafer

We had an ultrasound on 09/16/03.  Everything looked good. The technician said that it looks like we are having a girl. 
Here are the ultrasound pictures.  
(Thanks to our great friend Becky Brown for scanning those in for us!)  

6/30/03 Ultrasound at 8 weeks.


19 Week Ultrasound Pictures

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